Maintenance Program

Is your website ready for Google’s security push?

You may have noticed a new “Not Secure” warning on in the URL box when logging in to your website’s backend in Chrome or Firefox. This is the first stage of Google and Mozilla’s push for a secure web – is your website ready? From July 2018 Google Chrome will mark all non-HTTPS websites as “Not Secure”.

Web Bird Digital can help by migrating your website to SSL (https://…) to encrypt the data between your visitors and the hosting server. This makes it much more difficult for hackers to see what your users are doing or steal their passwords.

Web Bird Digital is offering a new Maintenance Program for just $30/month. This includes Monthly updates and security audits as well as SSL setup and management.

Upgrade Now for $30/month

Missing out on the latest technology?

Your website may still look great on the outside but unless the backend is up to date, you may be missing out on the latest features which improve how you manage your website. Unfortunately clicking the ‘Update’ button is not always safe as major updates can break your website.

Web Bird Digital can now manage updates for you! While we always keep on top of security updates for your website, we don’t update to the latest versions. With our new Maintenance Program for just $30/month we will keep your website fully up-to-date with all of the latest updates and review, test and fix any issues.

Upgrade Now for $30/month

What else does the Maintenance Program do for me?

Other than keeping your website secure with SSL certificate management and monthly security audits as well as keeping the website up-to-date, our Maintenance Program includes the following:

  • Monthly website PageSpeed optimisation. Including compressing images and other files to ensure that the website is loading as quickly as possible.
  • Regular feature recommendations. As the web evolves we can recommend new features or trends that should be implemented onto the website
  • Tech support and content updates. We can assist in uploading or changing your website’s content for up to half an hour per month.


To make all of the above changes to a website would normally cost over $200 (each time). Sign up now for our Maintenance Program at just $30/month

Sign Up Now for $30/month

Note: In order to deliver the Maintenance Program, we require that customers host their website with Web Bird Digital.