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Owner / Director
Alan is our owner, director and leader of the flock here at Web Bird Digital, our Senior Bird.
Alan’s background is in Management, Human Resources and business. He’s the face of Web Bird and when he’s not tirelessly working at the office he’s out there spruiking our awesome services.

His love of the web is matched by his love of equally bad jokes & puns. One could say that he’s a very punny man indeed.
Lead Developer
He is a man with a dream. A very simple dream, involving anything fast, and code, but a dream nonetheless.

He loves cars and car related things, he loves them so much he gets them shipped to the office.

Peter loves to look at the server and think about the server, he is one with the server.
He has always been interested in computers and programming as well as problem solving and fixing things.
Franziska is one of our developers. Excelling in responsive and specialising in front-end design, she creates excellent WordPress websites for our clients.
Jason is one of our Developers. He started with us in 2021 and excels at frontend development and website setup.