Etsy Bitzy Obsessed

Etsy is a phenomenon. This online marketplace was launched in 2005 by a small digital business and backed by some very inspired entrepreneurs.

It is now (and has been for quite sometime) one of the biggest and most successful online selling platforms in the world. Their MO? Highlighting the value of supporting micro-producers and buying handmade and vintage items. GOLD.

Want some stats? An average of $80 million worth of handmade and vintage goods (after refunds and cancellations) were sold by all Etsy stores in October 2012 – That represents 4,292,583 items sold. And that’s a 73% increase on the same month in 2011. INSPIRING.

The real thrill of course is the amount of really talented artists, designers, collectors and other creatives who use Etsy as their platform to present their wares to the world. I mean, a lamp made of vintage jars? LOVE!