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Interactive Character Transformations

Building Something Fancy Sometimes you want something fancy and different in your UI to draw your attention. You can use a slider, accordion or many of the other pre-built solutions, but something you want something entirely different. I’ve recently written an article on how you can take a series of words and split them into characters. … Continue reading Interactive Character Transformations

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Better Administration with Help Screens

Improving Your UI with Help Screens Creating helpful user interfaces is a pretty important task that is often sadly either overlooked entirely or tacked-on as an afterthought. Helpful documentation for shortcodes, widgets, plugins and themes depends on the developer. Sometimes developers create an external website to answer their most frequently asked questions, or perhaps they list some … Continue reading Better Administration with Help Screens

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How to create custom taxonomies

Hi there everyone, this is Simon Codrington, one of our senior developers from Web Bird Digital. Custom taxonomies in WordPress are a powerful way to extend the functionality of your website. With taxonomies you can provide additional groupings to help organise your content such as your posts and pages. Creating a great, dynamic and friendly … Continue reading How to create custom taxonomies

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