Website Hosting

Web hosting should be simple, easy and affordable.

We provide website hosting packages that cover all your website requirements and are supported 24/7 by one of Australia’s best data centres.


Web Bird Digital’s website hosting service offers a fully managed program. This means that we handle everything from day-to-day maintenance on the server to email account set up for you, leaving you to get on with business.

Our shared hosting plans start at A$33/month for the smallest websites and increase by $22/month for each subsequent package (small, medium, large, super). We can also cater to your needs should your website exceed these package’s limits. Every package includes weekly off-site, redundant website backups, unlimited email accounts and is run on powerful server hardware. Unlike many of our competitors who over-allocate their servers, we prefer to keep our servers running at or below 50% capacity. This ensures that your website is always fast and reliable, even when we’re experiencing higher than expected load.

We also offer the option of running your website on an up-rated, more powerful server for an additional $22/month. We recommend this for websites expecting heavy traffic or traffic surges. This server is over-powered to ensure reliability and plenty of headroom should your traffic increase. We also run backups more frequently on this server and have enabled some resource-heavy features to speed up your website.

We can also cater to your specific needs should you require a more powerful hosting solution. We manage a number of VPS as well as dedicated hosting servers for our client’s larger websites. Contact us for more information.

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